Frequently Asked Questions

1.  What is the Realm of the Elephants For?

Basically, it's a place where you can get in touch with five beta readers (the Ellies) who will give you honest, constructive criticism on the fics that you've written.

2. Who are the Ellies?

Five writers from the SD fandom; Ju-chan, Laree, Nagyra, Yev and Yolande.  If you would like to know more about them then check out the Ellie profiles that are here.

3.  So, how do I get these Ellies to Beta for me then?

Umm...Okay.  Long story.  So just go here to read the guideline, all right?  Heehee...

4. How do I get in contact with the Ellies?

All right, the easiest and most obvious way would be to post a message at the forum.  Be sure to label it as [OT] though.  If you've got something private to say, then I guess you could email the Ellie concerned in her private addy but if the message is for the Ellies in general then just leave a message at the message board then ^__^

5. Are Lemons welcome?

Yeah.  Any fic genre is welcome.  But please, make sure that the fics are labelled properly.  That will not only help us figure out which Ellie should be beta-ing which, it'll also warn any other person checking out the fics at the forum.

6. How long will it take for my fic to be betad?

Um...Okay.  This is a hard question to answer since it will pretty much depend on the person who is betaing it.  Be patient though, please.  Keep in mind that we have other stuff to take care of besides this.  We will, of course, try to get everything back to you within a decent time period.