I.  All fics should be properly labeled.  Although the ellie realm is primarily for beta-reading fics,  off-hand topics can’t be avoided so label your posts accordingly.  i.e. [Fic],  [OT],  etc.  Also,  despite the fact that all ellies are open to yaoi,  non-yaoi,  or even yuri type of works,  some visitors may not favor them,  so for courtesy’s sake,  DO indicate in the title if your post has (Yaoi) or (Non-yaoi) content.  An example of a proper post would be:  [Fic] (Yaoi) Title of the Fic.

II.  The inside of your post should follow the format indicated below and it is imperative that you not exclude a single one.

A.  Title  (Follow the same format in I.) 

B.  Author  (We will need your name.  Works from anonymous individuals will beignored.  If you do not wish to reveal your true identity,  then at least use a different name when posting.)

C.  Chapter (PLEASE indicate if the fic you’re posting is a series or one-shot via here.  If its just one part,  write 1/1.  If its two and you’re posting the first chapter,  write 1/2.  Basically,  you just write the chapter number over the total number of chapters of your fic.  Easy enough,  right?)

D.  E-mail  (This is VERY important especially if you would rather have us send to you your proof-read work.)

E.  Rating (Rate your fic according to what age-range it should appeal to.  Use G if its intended for general public viewing--as in ANYONE can read it without being offended.  PG-7 or PG-13 for fics with slightly mature content,  i.e. a lot of kissing,  a lot of cuddling,  maybe some killing (depending on what manner it has been done),  etc.  R for those fics with content coming close to sexual and/or containing a considerably high degree of violence.  And NC-17 for fics with strong sexual content and a VERY high degree of violence.  The last
rating is usually used for rape fics,  torture fics,  BDSM,  etc.)

F.  Genre  (This bit of information is crucial to determine which ellie would be beta-reading your fic.  Any genre is welcome whether it be yaoi,  non-yaoi, humor,  romance,  dark,  angst,  alternate universe,  death,  adventure,  POV, a combination of two or more of the preceding,  etc.  You name it.)

G.  Warnings  (Rating your fic isn’t enough.  If your fic has any sort of strong and publicly scandalous content such as graphic sex,  rape/non-con,  torture, violence,  etc.  do indicate them here.  Ellies and some people may be made of tough stuff but it won’t do to give those weak of heart a good shock or two.  You may use the term LEMON to indicate strong sexual content or LIME for something considerably sexual but nothing graphic.  Either that or you just say straight out:  “Lots of sex here,  people.” if that’s you’re cup-of-tea.  Be as specific as possible with your warnings.  If it contains some bondage or BDSM, 
then say so.  If its a PWP,  say so.  If its got non-consensual sex,  say so. 
It is also encouraged that you state if your fic has sap or overly mushy stuff in it.  Some people hate those kinds of things.)

H.  Feedback  (This is REQUIRED.  We’re giving you the option of getting the ellies’ comments and criticisms via e-mail or a reply to your post.  If you want to read your C&Cs in peace,  them say so.  If you don’t mind you or other people reading what others have to say about your fic in the forum itself,  then say so.  If by any chance you did not indicate anything pertaining to this,  we’ll automatically assume that you’re all right with us posting the replies in the forum.  Although be warned that this is NOT a guarantee that you won’t be receiving posted replies.)

Again,  we would like to stress that all the information asked for above MUST be included in your message/post.  The following are just optional although we do encourage you to provide them as well.

I.  Pairings  (People all have their biases.  Save them some of the
inconvenience of looking for fics with their preferred pairings by just stating them here.  ANY pairing is welcome.)

J.  Disclaimer  (We already have a general disclaimer at the top of this forum but you may want to state it again,  for good measure although we highly doubt any of the “authorities” would get a hold of these works.)

K.  Archive  (Tell the readers where else do you post your fics.  It might help them to get back at the previous chapters they might have missed if its a series,  and it won’t hurt to promote your site just a little bit,  ne?)

III.  That’s just about it for the fic-posting format.  What follows is the
beta-reading format.  Here’s how it goes.

A.  Once you post your fics on the forum,  all ellies are encouraged to give their own two cents.  Visitors are also VERY welcome to give their own comments We’ll be digging up for plot holes,  inconsistencies,  etc. and we’ll be informing you of them.

B.  The correction of grammar and spelling will NOT begin immediately.  We will only start to beta your fic AFTER you give us the go signal.

Here is how it works:
2.  If you’re all right with the comments and criticisms given you and open for spelling and grammar corrections,  then message as a reply to your initial post:

[GO BETA]--this shall be title of your post and any other specifics you wish to tell us will be included in the message.  Here you shall tell us if you prefer to be sent the proof-read version of your fic via your personal e-mail account or just have it posted in the forum.  If this is not indicated,  again we shall assume that you will not mind the beta-read fic to be posted in the forum instead.

An example is this:
1) [Fic] (Yaoi) Example
 1.  I think its okay.
 2.  Hm . . . .
 3.  It could work.
 4.  [GO BETA]

The last message should then contain the Beta information.  Here’s an example:
BETA:  Please send the beta-read fic to me via my personal e-mail account.

If by any chance you don’t mind the fic corrected of spelling and grammar errors to be viewed publicly in the forum without having gone through it yet,  then  we’ll be posting it as a reply to your [GO BETA] message.

2.  Now,  shall you decide that you want to rewrite your fic first AFTER reading the C&Cs to it,  indicate as a reply to your initial post:  [REWRITING]--again, this shall be the title of your post.  We won’t be checking your fic for spelling and grammar errors until you post your re-written fic again as a reply to your [REWRITING] message.  Its title will be the same as before BUT including the word (Rewritten).

An example is this:
1) [Fic] (Yaoi) Example 2
 1.  I think you should change . . .
 2.  Er. . . .
 3.  Well . . .
  1. [Fic] (Yaoi) (Rewritten) Example 2

When you’re satisfied with the responses given to you under the rewritten
version of your fic,  then type as a reply to it [GO BETA] following the same procedure in number 1.

3.  If you choose to re-write your fic for the second time,  just return to step number 2.

And that is the beta-reading format.  If you have any other questions,  just contact the ellies.  Our e-mails are as follows:


We do not mind people posting [OT] messages in the forum,  but please do not make it a habit.