The Realm of The Elephants

Hello there and welcome to the Realm of The Elephants.  What this forum is here  for is to help any Slam Dunk Fanfiction writer out there with the refining, and polishing of their fics through the betareading of their works by the five Ellies; Ju-chan, Laree, Nagyra, Yev and Yolande.  If you would like to learn more about the Ellies then please go here.

We aim to offer honest and constructive criticism about any works of any genre related to Slam Dunk and are always happy to help out, so please don't hesitate to post a fic at the forum or to mail any of us if you may have any questions.  Ifyou cannot take honest, somewhat blunt comments, then this place would probably not be for you but for those who can, then you are welcome ^__^

If this is your first time posting a fic in the forum, then please take the time to read the posting guidelines first and check out the FAQ.

Once again, Welcome and good luck with the fic writing ^__^

The Ellies