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This site was last updated on February 3, 2002.  I wrote a MakiKiyo fic for Hanase, The MakiKiyo no Miko titled " Second Chances.  By the way, I am also the newly appointed RuKo no Miko and I have made a shrine for all things RuKo ^_^ Go check it out ^_^  Go to the links to my other sites to visit it... None of the characters in Slam Dunk are owned by me. Inoue Takehiko is responsible for the creation of the bishies that we all know and love, all bow to his greatness! The fics that you will find here in this site are pretty much all yaoi, which means that they are all about guy to guy relationships so if you aren't comfortable with that sort of thing, then I suggest that you not read them. If you flame me just because of the contents of this site, then I will merely laugh and point out that you have been forewarned! Hehehe...By the way, it's best for you to use Internet Explorer while viewing this site cos otherwise, you won't be able to see all the HTML effects that I used and you don't want me to have wasted all my hard work, do you? Aah...Doesn't Micchy look adorable?  He's so cute...I love Mitsui!  Hehehe...I think that's just about it for now...Laree
Augh...Gonna be starting school at February so the updates here will be fewer and far between!  Augh...Haven't been in school for about a year!  Wish me luck!  *crosses fingers*  I've become the newly appointed RuKo no Miko!  Yay!  Heehee...And as part of my job, I've made a RuKo shrine ^__^ Go visit it and support this pairing!  Go here!

Laree ^_^

Proof Of Your Love ( Completed )

Faced with the prospect of losing Hanamichi, Rukawa gives up something that is very dear to him to prove just how much he loves his do'aho (RuHana)

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Helping Out ( Completed )

When Rukawa is told that he needs to get his grades up to stay on the basketball team, he is forced to seek the help of his Kogure-senpai who ends up helping him with far more than he expected. ( RuKo, my personal favorite!!!  With some SenRu)

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Moving In ( Completed )

On the day that Kogure moves in with him, Mitsui looks back on all the things that he and his koi had to go through to get to this moment ( MitKo)

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Family Ties ( Ongoing )

Rukawa and Sendo are thrown together when their parents are married, and the Kitsune doesn't exactly give Sendo an easy time.  Things between them become even more strained when Sendo falls for Hanamichi, who Rukawa has a secret crush on. ( SenHana with  Ru thrown in to complicate things...hehe)

| Part One | Part Two | Part Three | Part Four | Part Five | Part Six | Part Seven | Part Eight | Part Nine | Part Ten |

The Matchmaker ( Ongoing )

Sendo comes up with a hare brained scheme to get Hanamichi and Rukawa together.  It works.  But only for a while.  Will the two Shohoku players kill Sendo when they find out about all the lies that he has been feeding them? ( HanaRu and some SenKosh at the sides )

| Part One | Part Two | Part Three | Part Four | Part Five | Part Six |

Pregnancy ( Completed )

This is basically a fic about how three Slam Dunk couples react to pregnancy. ( RuHana, SenKosh, MitKo)

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The Big Day ( Completed )

This is the follow up fic to Pregnancy.  The time has come for the babies to be born and the father's are having their doubts...( RuHana, SenKosh, MitKo)

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The Taming of the Kitsune ( Completed )

I'm on a roll with parenting fics...Lol.  Anyways, Kogure wants a baby but Rukawa doesn't, cold little Ice Prince that he is.  Will Kogure be able to change his mind with Hanamichi and Sendo's little bundle of joy? ( RuKo, SenHana )

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What If? ( Completed )

Mitsui meets up with Hanamichi and Sendo in a bar where he works and thinks over the mistakes that he made in the past which led to his breakup with Kogure ( MitKo, SenHana, RuKo )

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Fallen Angel ( Ongoing )

This is a fic which was inspired by What If?  Basically, it explains the events which led to the break up of Mitsui and Kogure. ( MitKo, SenHana, RuKo)

| Part One |

Together ( Ongoing )

Mitsui and Rukawa find out that both of their exes have gotten together so they decide to work as a team to get the two to split up and come back to them.  ( HanaKo, MitRu )

| Part One | Part Two | Part Three |

Act Naturally ( Ongoing )

I made Mitsui the bad guy again...hehehe ^_^ Kogure is in an abusive relationship with the only guy that he has ever loved.  Will Sendo be able to convince him that he deserves much more than this? ( MitKo, SenKo)

| Part One |

Koshino Hiroaki and His Quest for A Deep and Meaningful Conversation ( Completed )

Koshino gets fed up with Sendo and his one track mind and decides to go on a search for someone that he can actually have a real conversation with.  ( KoshKo, MitRu )

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Down A Different Path ( Ongoing )

An Alternate Universe fic.  What happens to Rukawa if he chooses to go to Ryonan High instead of Shohoku?  What will Mitsui be like if he never sustained the injuries that he did in his first year of High School and how will it affect the other basketball players of Kanagawa? ( Will be RuMit or SenMit, depending on what I feel like )

| NotesPart One | Part Two | Part Three|

A Fine Line Between Love and Hate ( Ongoing )

An AU fic.  Kogure is taken as a prisoner of war into the enemy kingdom where he becomes a servant. ( MitKo, RuKo, SenKo)

| Prologue |

The Yellow Ribbon ( Completed )

Mitsui and Kogure have been seperated for three years due to unfortunate circumstances.  Will Kogure be willing to take Mitsui back after all of this time? ( MitKo )

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Second Chances ( Ongoing )

A ficcy for the MakiKiyo no Miko.  Maki is in a floundering relationship when Kiyota comes back into his life once more.  Will anything happen between the two of them this time? ( FujiMaki, MakiKiyo)

| Part One |