Have you ever felt that fate was playing around with your life?Replaying scenes from it that you tried so hard to bury?Maybe when you were going through those scenes, there was a lesson to be learnt from it and you didn't catch it.Perhaps that is why you feel a repetition of of those scenes...

Kogure couldn't help but smile as the rays from the sun filter itself into his room. *One more week...* One more week till the university opens for his third year.His eyes then turned to the empty bed beside him. *I wonder who'll be my room mate this year...* he thoughtfully mused.His former room mate had already graduated,leaving him to spend a lonely summer break.Kogure had lazed around during the break, usually going online to chat until very late in the night and waking up very late in the morning.There were times when he went out. Usually to the local library to borrow books by his favourite author or just giving himself a treat by eating out. There was nothing much to do anyway, not really anywhere to go that was not crowded so he stayed in the hostel spending his time bumming around.But now he painfully regretted all that bumming around and frequent treats which were the cause of his newly added pounds.He cringed at the thought of the lecture akagi would be giving him for bumming around like that, all the painful basketball practices, all that running and jumping...all that almost tempted to him to change his CCA to library...but then again, losing weight might be good for him after all his dear mother would be expecting him to bring a girlfriend back for her to see after he graduates

Kogure had spent the time clearing the room. He wanted to make it presentable to his new room mate, at least livable (what with all the books thrown about).It had only been two in the afternoon when he finished cleaning. Now it was four. He had spent the last two hours bumming.Now he was bored.Extremely bored.He didn't want to go out because there was no one to go out with. His two bestfriends, akagi, had gone back to Kanagawa to spend the summer break with his family, Mitsui, had gone touring Osaka with his two year boyfriend, Miyagi.Kogure couldn't help but make a mental note to try to hurt the both of them for leaving him alone during the holidays.But then again, kogure was the one that turned the both of them down when they offered him to come with them, either to stay in Kanagawa or to go Osaka.Kogure had turned them down kindly saying he didn't want to interrupt the family time or become a 'lamp post'.So akagi and mitsui left him to deal with himself for the holidays.

It was already 7 in the evening. Kogure had spent the last three hours rereading the whole 'sparhawk series' by david eddings-his favourite author. Now his eyes felt like they had lead placed on top of them.Completely forgetting about the arrival of his new room mate, kogure felt himself drift into a peaceful sleep.

It was very dark when a sound had woke kogure up."Thump!" on the bed next to his.Still feeling very drowsy and thinking it was his new room mate, kogure drifted back to sleep, not bothering to investigate what the noise was.

Kogure woke up at the sound of another"Thump!". This time he was really worried.*What in the world is that?*Getting up, he vaguely saw a figure lying on the ground. Worried, he rushed to the figure.Kogure tried waking the figure up by shaking the person.But the figure refused to stir.So kogure continued shaking the person.Before he knew it, his face came into contact with a punch.After that all kogure saw was stars...

The morning sun filtered itself into the window shining on kogure, making him wake up. Getting up,Kogure cringed as he tried opening his right eye and immediately felt a sharp pain.It was then he remembered about last night.Suddenly the bed his back was leaning on creaked.Kogure turned his head around and saw a figure sleeping on the bed, snoring lightly.The figure was...


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