Autumn Leaves Prologue

Autumn was in the air.Tree leaves that once looked ever green, turned old orangy red. Leaves were being blown by the wind, making them fall as if they were dancing then falling gracefully onto the ground as the wind left, leaving a mass of orange red scattered.

Two figures were walking through the park, a tall one with a head of black and a much shorter one with unruly brown hair whom seem to be struggling to catch up with the taller one.

"hideto chan, you mind slow down a little?" the shorter one asked panting.
"This is my normal speed, kiminobu." cold eyes glanced back in answer.
" Oh I know that's your normal speed, demo, I can't seem to catch up with u at that speed." kogure replied cheerfully.
That remark seemed to have fueled hideto's speed making him walk much faster, completely leaving kogure.
Kogure's brown orbs could only stare at the retreating figure in confusion and hurt.

Wind blown leaves danced around the figure as if in sympathy. Kogure watched silently at one lonely part of the hall, students from all around congratulating hideto for his academic results.
Upon feeling his heartache, kogure silently reprimanded himself *It's already been one year, there's no use bearing grudges, he attained all his sucesses through hardwork, it's is entirely fair. Forgive him and start anew already.* With that kogure promised himself that he would forgive hideto and wish him all the best.

Kogure walked away from the scene, silently wishing his former bestfriend congratulations. Yet as he walked, the word 'liar' was hidden at the back of his mind.