Title: Haka - The Prologue
Authored by: Liez
Archive: SDBC
Pairings: MakiSen, RuKo

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Author's Note: Completely unedited.
Disclaimer: Nothing belongs to me but the story.


The tall, imposing man who swept across the room with a litany of attendants falling to his sides walked straight to the two hooded figures kneeling at the far end of the room. With a sweep of his hand, the attendants bowed low and then backed unobtrusively out of the way as he continue forward alone, before curtly nodding to the visitors and walking past them to seat himself in the high-backed, elegant black rosewood chair.

"My lord," the shorter of the two men before him rose and bowed, taking an almost unnoticeable step in front of the taller. He was the more experienced of the two, the older. "My lord," the other man stood and bowed as well.

He surveyed the two of them, and what he saw did not displease him. Well-trained, seasoned and well taught, both. He liked his men this way, and these two were near the top of the hierarchy of his private army. From his own other sources, he knew they had already made a name for themselves within their ranks, and were known among the common people more infamously as the Haka Assassins.

"You know that with King Anzai's death, the country is now very much shaken up politically," he started harshly, not bothering to acknowledge their greeting. "The prince is young and inexperienced. Few out there would trust him to rule, yet he holds the strongest claim to the throne. There are many others more befitting to take his place."

He looked at them, his stare piercing and cold. "I trust you, as loyal men of the Archduke, know what must be done."

They backed out of the room, silently and without word, as soon as he waved a hand. Don't let me down, Kogure, Sendoh. He rose and walked to the balcony, closing the curtains as a cold draft blew, brushing a stray lock of his bright red hair away from his face.