Kouhai and Sempai; A Shrine to all things RuKo
The Miko and The Seishi

Here are all the people dedicated to spreading the love of RuKo throughout the Slam Dunk Fandom

RuKo No Miko

Name:  Laree McKenzie
Age:  17
Birthday: January 12, 1985
Email: lareemackie@hotmail.com
The Court: A Slam Dunk Fanfiction Archive
The Shohoku Basketball Club's Scrapbook ( A site for the SD screenshots that I have taken)
Why I love RuKo:  Well, I like Rukawa and I like Kogure, so it's only natural that I should like them when they are together ^__^

The RuKo no Seishi

Name: Afuna (aka Fufu neko bear)
Age: 17
Bday: March 5
e-mail:  afuna@mydestiny.net
Websites: none
Why I love RuKo:
Hm... why do I love RuKo..  I love RuKo because, first and foremost, I believe that this particular pairing has the power to revolutionize the world. I mean imagine:  No more hunger. No more poverty. World peace! And all because of these two.

And perhaps, a great miracle can happen and non-yaoi lovers can learn to lik- nay, did I say like? I meant LOVE yaoi. Yaoi lovers unite and show the world the true meaning of yaoi!

*takes a deep breath, wiping tears from eye* Now, how can I go on? I stand here before you, and all of humanity, extolling the virtues of RuKo. I move through the streets, announcing my mission with zeal. What is it about this pairing that moves me so? What is it about these two coming together that brings me to such dep- *ahem* heights?

The answer to that question is perhaps a deep mystery to you, dear reader,  and yes even to myself, for the more I try to explain their charm, the less I can pierce this mystery.

Perhaps this will help. Imagine, if you will, a slender dark-haired boy,  sitting quietly in a corner.  Perhaps he is waxing philosophical on the meaning of life. Perhaps he is heartbroken and sad. Perhaps he is busy imagining his past, present or future victories. Or perhaps he is simply asleep -_-.

Now here comes a floppy-haired, brown-eyed, gorgeously built young man with one of the sweetest smiles in the world. A comforting smile. An encouraging word. Perhaps a hand on his shoulder. Who can resist that disarming gentleness?

No one.  And this boy is no exception.

Now fast forward a couple of hours (or days, or weeks, or months.. )

We find the two of them wrapped around each other. (No, not THAT way you hentai! Erm.. wait... I think you're on to something... yes.. I see it now. Definitely THAT way)

*coughs* Like I was saying, we find the two of them together. Is it destiny? Perhaps it's fate. Or maybe, it's just the cruel inclination of fanfic writers like me. (Side note from the Miko : Us fanfic writers who take sadistic pleasure in tearing Micchy-kun away from the person that most people deem to be his soulmate...Ahh...After all, I am a firm believer that Micchy is a big, bad ganngster who must be punished by his sensei...*snickers*)

Whatever the reason, they belong together in a way that defies explanation.

Perhaps it's those faces. Those eyes. Those slender necks leading down to magnificent oh-so delectable bodies  . They look good together, don't they?

Name: Asha is da real name "Rain Drops Raythem" is my nick name.
Birthday:12/25 Christmas day^^
Why I love RuKo: why ?? Hmmm first of all i admire Kogure_kun to death, not only bec of his great unbelievable personality he have for a guy, but its bec he is ,, Hmm let me say ... the only one who could really fit my difficult mood ^Rukawa_kun sure my favorite too not only because we both share the same star sign ^^ but maybe coz we both share too the same nickname "ice cube".  i tink da couple do match some how^^ sure with mitsui faraway from both of them^^ although to be honest am mitko supporter*blushed*.

Name: Irene 'aka' Yen (pen name)
Age: 30
Birthday: April 20
Email: dbrrk@yahoo.com
Website/s: none
Why I love RuKo: Aside from Hana I only like Kogure to be paired with him.  Besides Kogure is sweet and I liked him even from the start.  Rukawa... I love him :)  Kawaiii.

Name:  Nagyra
Age: 17
Birthday: June 30th
Website/s: http://geocities.com/nagyra
Reason why I love RuKo:  I love Rukawa.  I love Kogure.  'Nuff said.

Name: Shiro-chan deshou!!
Age: 16!! Finally! dance
Birthday: 25th December (no I'm not kidding you)
Email: Juhachigou@hotmail.com
Website/s: http://peacemakerkogure.freeservers.com
Why I love RuKo: Because RuKo is just perfect! Rukawa needs someone to look out for him and Kogure is just the right man for the job. ^_^ I mean Kogure looks out for him a lot. He even notices when something was wrong with Rukawa. =P Rurie-kun definitely needs someone like Kogure to take care of him. He needs it. hehe.

Name: Siren M
Age: 19
Birthday: 11 Sept
Email Addy: kitsunes@hotmail.com/siren_m@yyhmail.com
Site/s: nyada (at least, not yet)
Why I love RuKo: uhh...because i love them both! I love them even more when
their together ^^V. 'Sides, they really look cute together. I think they kinda
compliment each other.

Name:ye^llow Age:15
Birthday:20th jan
Website/s:no have!
Why I love RuKo:cause they're a cute couple!