In Sickness And In Health
By Yoshi /
Pairing: very mild RuKo and SenHana gasps
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This contains YAOI so:
a. For those who don't have any idea what yaoi is, I will not bloody hell tell anything to ya cause you shouldn't be here in the first place ne?
b. If yaoi makes you sick, then go on and read this to make you sicker snickers

This is short with some cussing so brace yourselves...
No, no, this is not about getting married.

"Shit! Oh mother fuckin' hell..."

The redhead grimaced as a string of curses filled the air. "Kogure..." he warned getting up from chair by the bedside and picked a glass from the table. He filled it with warm water and handed it to the older boy.

"What?" the brown-haired boy responded grumpily.

Sakuragi shook his head and began counting backwards from ten. When he heard another cuss, he did another counting. He had only been here for an hour and he can barely manage himself from bashing his head to the older boy's to shut him up. /Kami, my eardrums hurt...who knew Megane-kun's like this when sick?/ he glanced ruefully on the wall clock. /Where did those two went anyway? I'll definitely kick kitsune's ass for this/

"Hand me the box of tissue, dimwit..."

He scowled and practically threw the box of tissue hitting the bespectacled boy on the head.

"Ow! you half-witted turd!" the older boy cursed again in the umpteenth time.

Sakuragi closed his eyes and again started counting backwards from one hundred. By the time he reached thirty, his teammate was now fast asleep. Taking a sigh of relief, he patiently sat on the chair perusing a sports magazine he brought with him.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

"Urm, Rukawa-kun, why exactly are we here?" the spiky-haired Ryonan ace player asked his companion while looking at the shelves brimming with stuffed toys.

Rukawa blushed faintly and muttered something unintelligible.

"Huh?" Sendoh scrunched his face in confusion.

"IwantedtobuyagiftforKimi-kunokay?" he replied irritably.

Sendoh grinned at Rukawa's embarassed words. /Who knew that normally stoic ace player of Shohoku is such a big mush when it comes to Kogure-kun?/ "Okay, what does he like anyway?"

"Anything cute"

"Geesh, all of them are cute!" he waved his hands pointing on all the stuff toys. "Maybe this one?" he plucked a bright pink colored bunny.

Rukawa paled. "No. Too blinding"

" 'bout this one?"

"No. too furry"

"This one?"

"Too creepy."

"That one! I think Kogure-kun will like that!" Sendoh pointed a large stuffed toy. "That's the one, I'm sure of it!"

"A fox?"he grumbled disbelievingly.

"Of course! Then it'll always remind him of you"


"What are you waiting for, silly? Go get it!" He nudged Rukawa impatiently. /That's perfect! I'm sure Kogure-kun will like it/ He reached for the stuffed toy on Rukawa's grasp. /My, its even cuter up close/ he mused as he stroked the silver fur.

He snapped out of his thoughts when he saw his companion looking at him strangely with a smirk. "What?"

"You went to la la land with a shit-eating grin on your face, that's what..."

"Shut up" he picked a grinning cave-man from the shelf. "I'll get this for Hana-kun."

"I'm sure the do'ahou will like that. It looks just-" he was cut short when Sendoh smacked him with the toy on the head.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Sakuragi's head snapped up in hope when he heard a knock on the door. He checked on Kogure muttering a grateful prayer that he is still asleep.


"Shh...tone down idiot. Where did you two go?" When Sendoh and Rukawa showed their baggages, he nodded in understanding. "He's still asleep though. Such a pain in the ass..."

"Not more than you, moron" replied by a mass on the rumpled bedsheets. "I'm awake, you know."

"I guess Hana-kun and I will be taking our leave now" Sendoh interrupted wrapping his arms around Sakuragi's waist. Knowing the span of patience his lover had, it won't be long enough before it'll snap "Get well soon Kogure-san."

Kogure only grumbled in response while Rukawa nodded as the two left the room.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

"How are you feeling Kimi-kun?" the blue-eyed boy asked brushing a stray lock on Kogure's face.

"What do you think? I feel like hell you twat..." Kogure replied sullenly. "Where did you go anyway? I think Sakuragi made my headache worse" he added with a pout.

Rukawa smiled faintly before handing the brown-haired boy the stuffed toy. "I bought you a present."

Kogure held his breath as he took the toy from Rukawa. "It's cute!" He beamed in pleasure while ruffling the soft silvery fur. He laid back on the bed with the toy beside him. "I still feel awful..."

"You should sleep-"

"But I did nothing for the past 24 hours but sleep!" he whined childlishly.


"I can't sleep I can't sleep I can't sleep!"


"Whaaat???" asked the brown-haired boy.

"Shut up..."

"Make me, you idiot!"

Rukawa then covered the brown-haired boy's lips with his own as he involved them in a thorough kiss. For what seemed hours, but was only minutes, the feverish kissing continued. Gradually, it softened as he felt Kogure's body relax. He leaned back and smiled as his lover finally dozed off.
Tucking the sheets firmly around his lover, he then brushed his lips gently on Kogure's forehead and turned off the small lamp on the table beside the bed. /Sleep well, Kimi-kun/

WaaaaaH! This is insane! hope ya like it though...