Sequel to A Devil's Smile
It was morning.
Kogure knew that without even opening his eyes. He could feel the warm
sunlight on his back. He could hear the birds singing their songs of praise to
the beautiful day ahead. He could actually imagine how welcoming the morning
light could be. How flowers with morning dew glitter like jewels in the morning
But somehow, all that glory didn't dissipate the coldness that clouded his
heart. His lids opened involuntarily, revealing dark brown eyes that had held
sorrow and hatred where it had once held warmth and love. If only he had
something to wake up he used to...
He was alone in the bed. As he expected.
He threw the soiled covers away, knowing that he had little time to prepare
breakfast. He walked, regardless of his nudity, towards the bathroom adjoining
to the bedroom. He didn't seem to notice that the water was cold or didn't seem
to care either as he stood beneath the spray.
When he came out of the shower, he was shivering and almost numb. He
stumbled out of the bathroom, opened the cupboard door, wanting to get dressed
as quickly as possible. But he could only stare at the mirror as it reflect his
own image. Exquisite brown eyes framed in an equally striking feature gazed
silently back at him. He clutched at the cupboard door for support, still
staring at his own reflection.
He wondered when he had changed so much. Was it when Sashi-kun died?
/"Min-kun, aishiteru."/
/"It's alright...I know..."/
He closed his eyes, willing himself not to think of the past. But the more
he did so, the more the memories seem to permeate his mind.
/..loving blue eyes...greeting him in the morning with a sweet kiss...warm of all kinds...a gold wedding ring embedded with a blue remind him of his eyes...sweet whispers in the night...passion in
the darkness...outings together...playing in the rain...snuggling together on a
cold winter night...sharing a shower...just being together.../
In the past, everything seem so simple and yet beautiful. Now everything in
the world, though seemingly still beautiful, in a different way, was cold and
bitter. Dull. Colourless. Lifeless. Like him.
Opening his eyes, he stared at the beautiful young man with eyes that seemed
too old for the youthful face. Clenching his fist, he stared hard at the
reflection of the man that he hated. He stared as the reflection split into tiny
fragments and blood began to drip onto the carpet.
Dragging his gaze away from the cracked image, he grabbed an article of
clothing. Dressing quickly, eyes away from the broken mirror, he went into the
bathroom to dress his wounds. He grabbed first aid kid from the cabinet and
slammed the door close.
The mirror placed on the cabinet, that had been replaced barely three days
ago, reflected a face that bore indifference as he applied antiseptic on to his
bleeding hand.
He hadn't felt any pain. He hadn't felt pain for quite a long time. In fact,
he hadn't felt anything at all for a long time. If it wasn't because of Kaede,
he wouldn't even bother bandaging the wound. Wrapping the injury tightly, he
unconsciously threw the mirror in front of him another glance.
He glared at the image.
*I hate you.*

After cleaning the bedroom, he prepared a simple meal for his dark-haired
lover when he returned. Kaede saw the broken mirror in their bedroom but he said
nothing, only looked searchingly at him for any signs of injury. Noting the
bandaged hand, he seemed satisfied that he had no longer tried to slit his
wrists when he first did whenever he was depressed.
After breakfast, the blue eyed boy kissed him on the lips and left for his
basketball practice. Again, Kogure was left alone in the apartment. He
contemplated whether he should go out for a few hours but decided against it. He
avoided all mirrors this time, cleaning the house diligently, keeping his mind
That is, until his sight fell on his album book.
He opened it randomly, his movements jerky. His mind screamed at him to stop
and close the book, to get out of the room, to do anything just to get away from
there, from the memories. But he couldn't.
He needed the memories too much, needed them to, to continue doing
what he did.
He gazed at one of the picture, a picture of him sitting side by side with
Mitsui, the taller boy was leaning over to rest his head on his shoulder. Both
of them were smiling, their hands were behind their backs, hidden but he knew
that they were holding hands.
He remembered when this picture was taken. It was about a month after
Hisashi became his 'official' boyfriend, a year and three months before they got
He turned the page, noting absently that tears was falling on the page.
Tears that he had thought long dried out. He smiled through blurring vision as
his eyes settled on a large picture of wedding. It was as beautiful as he
Friends and family, even those that did not, at first approve of their
relationship, came. They came with blessing of a long future together. He knew
though, that many had thought that they wouldn't last long.
They were right.
They barely lasted five years together.
Hisashi Mitsui died on their third anniversary.
More tears fell. He didn't bother to wipe the tears as he flipped to another
Their honeymoon.
He stared at the smiling faces, wondering if there will be another time he
would see his Sashi-kun again. Maybe after death?
Another smile graced his lips. A different sort of smile. One that was
clinical. After what he had done, he doubted he would see Hisashi again, even
after death.
*Would you still love me, after all I've become? A whore, like me?*
*Would you forgive me for doing what I did? For what I am doing?*
*Would you even bear to look at me now?*
He turned the page again. This time, it was a picture taken after Hisashi's
death. He could tell easily, every picture taken after his death was gloomy and
sad. Especially with him in it.
His friends were sad for him, everyone sympathized, but it was all a facade.

The only people who really understood were those that had really been close
with Hisashi. They were sad because they lost a good friend, one that could not
be replaced not because he, Kogure lost a husband. They were the only ones that
understood his grief.
He looked at the page he had turned to, noting that his tears had stopped. A
picture of him and another person who had been close to Hisashi. Akagi.
He was the only other person he could ever thought of fully giving himself
Hisashi would have understood. Akagi gave him a sense of protection, the
same way Hisashi had given him. He provided love when he needed it. Comfort when
he yearned for it. Warmth when he was cold. He was a good friend that had never
ceased to be. Even after they became lovers.
Akagi understood. He never said anything to imply that he wanted more. Yet,
he kept on giving him support, love, everything he needed to get up from the
And then...
Kogure closed his eyes, holding the book close to his chest.
Just when he started to recover, to recollect the pieces of a shattered
dream, everything fell apart again. And this time, the pieces were too ruined,
too crushed and tiny shards bit and tore at his already wounded heart. And now
it ceased to beat.
He snapped the book shut. Sliding it back into the shelf, he left the room.
Kaede would be back soon. It was time to cook.

Kogure closed his eyes, inhaling the sweet smell of the substance. Opening
his eyes, he dropped a few drops into the soup, stirring gently.
He capped the bottle, then placed it back at the back of the cupboard behind
the spices where it looked like where it belonged. The bottle, with 'sesame oil'
written neatly across it, sat there innocently. He would use it again tomorrow,
like every other day.
He closed the cupboard and took out bowls and plates, readying the table.
The clock in the dining room showed him that Kaede would be back any moment
soon. He went into the kitchen to wait.
Kogure continued stirring the soup as the door to the apartment slammed
shut. He added more spice into the pot, ignoring the gaze he felt behind his
back. For a brief moment.
Then he turned, greeting his lover with a smile that came automatically,
almost robotic. His lover just stared at him with dark blue eyes, almost the
same as his late husband's, only that they were expressionless, as always.
He didn't have to wonder what his lover saw. He knew how he looked to the
younger man. It was how he saw himself in the mirror everyday. Sad, in every
possible, depressed even, yet the aura that he unwittingly projected was
somewhat enticing. Especially to people like his lover and his late ones.
He knew they viewed him as some one who needed protection. Someone frail,
vulnerable, trusting and innocent. They were right. All except the last. He was
no longer innocent. He ceased to be the moment the person he loved dearly was
Yes, he knew.
He knew how, when, where, even why, and most importantly he knew who.
"Okaeri Nasai, Kae-chan." He smiled.
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