A Moment in Time
By Nagyra

Iíve been so many things in my life before I came to this point. A point where
no light, no love, no small measure of happiness could seep into the cold
blackness of my soul. Where no vestige of hope exists even in the deepest
recesses of my being.
But there had been a time when I was a happy. A short time in my life when I
looked at the sky as if it held a thousand questions, the second most beautiful
sight my eyes could ever behold. When joy was still easily within my grasp, a
few feet away in the form of a smile and a face full of love. When I could still
look upon that face and know that it was mine to gaze, that itís ownerís heart
was still mine to keep. A short time when that heart I had so cherished had
still been beating.
As had so many forms of happiness in my life--my mother, my brother, my little
toy car that had been stolen by a common orphan child--that face, that heart,
that person was taken away from me and fate left me with nothing. Nothing but
Nothing but a cold, dark and empty cell. Nothing but a cold, dark and empty
heart as I sat there waiting for my sentence. The punishment for murder was very
great, but the punishment for patricide was even greater. I didnít fear death. I
didnít fear suffering. I think Iíve gone through every possible form of torture
there was to go through. At this point, pain is one of the very few things I had
left. One of the very few things I could call my own.
I had loneliness for company now. And perhaps my memories. A collection of the
most precious and most excruciating moments of my life. A movie playing in my
mind as I awaited for that ultimate moment.
Would you watch that movie with me now? Would you watch and witness the events
that had brought me down here where the only way up, the only way for salvation,
was the arms of death?
Let me then rewind it from the start. When I was still the formidable soldier of
the Armed Forces of Bellum. When I was still the obedient son of General
Augustus le Vider. When I was still a statue of indifference. When I still did
not know how to love.
When I still havenít killed that single source of my happiness and the man who
had tried to take him away.
~~~ End Prologue ~~~

IMPORTANT NOTE: The setting is in the great Empire of Bellum, more specifically
in itís capital, Saltare, though there will be scenes in another city of the
same empire named Beatus. ^^ These are three made-up places, of course. Just
look at Bellum as sort of a possible offshoot of the Roman Civilization if
Alexander the Great hadnít conquered the world. ^^;;;;; (Iím hopeless!)
Note: This fic is inspired by the tale of Virginia. I was thinking of doing an
adaptation of the old Roman tale, but it was a bit of an impractical choice--as
I have to change so many things to make it realistic. So I decided to make a
world of my own and perhaps a story of my own but Iím still giving the Virginia
story some credit for the elements that I might be taking from it. ^^; I sort of
ended up with a Roman-like fic with a Shakespearean twist (Don't ask!).