Title: Triangle
Part: 0/3
Author: Siren M
Genre: yaoi,
Pairing: senko, ruko
Rating: dunno scratch head
Archive: sd fic archive, fanfiction.net and whoever wants to put it in their shrine, just tell me about it, ^_^V Arigatou!
Warning: yaoi
Author's Notes: [this] words are thoughts and /flashbacks/ if any.
Disclaimer: nothing belongs to me, enuff said.

Rukawa Kaede slid the key into hole and turned the doorknob. The lock clicked open easily. Pushing the door open, he stepped into the apartment he shared with his cousin. His usual emotionless expression melted as a familiar light laughter greeted him, but it only lasted for a moment as his eyes narrowed at the sight that greeted him.

Sitting on the couch was his cousin, his spiky, usually gel laden hair was a mess and free of gel. Another indication that the boy had just had a shower was the towel wrapped around his neck. He had his arms crossed across his chest, pouting petulantly.

Kneeling on the couch beside him was his long-time boyfriend, playing with the messy black locks. The brown-haired boy was laughing in delight as he combed the messy locks down with his fingers, making the 24-year-old basketball star look ridiculous with his hair covering his eyes like a sheepdog.

"Are you done laughing?" Sendoh asked, pouting as the older boy continued giggling. Then he spotted his cousin standing by the door, looking sullenly at them, which was not surprising. Rukawa always looked sullen.

"Okaeri, Kaede-kun!" Sendoh waved, trying to ignore the fact that his boyfriend was still giving him a new hairstyle. Kogure looked up from his entertainment, smiling at the other blue-eyed boy still standing by the door.

"Okaeri nasai," Kogure said to Rukawa, eyes twinkling with laughter. He got off the couch, freeing his boyfriend of the torture he had put him through. "Now that you're home, I'll get dinner ready, k?" Kogure said lightly, ambling towards the kitchen.

Both dark-haired boys watched as the brown haired one walked into the kitchen, both with affection written on their faces. Sendoh comb his hair up with his fingers, still looking at the direction of the kitchen, smiling to himself.

Watching his cousin smile goofily at no one in particular from the corner of his eyes, Rukawa didn't need to be psychic to know what the spiky haired smiley was thinking. With a scowl, he headed towards the solitude of his own room.

Locking the door quietly, he threw his bag on the bed. Taking off his windbreaker, he threw it hap hazardously on the chair. He laid down on the bed, his mind wandering to the time when he started to hate coming back his apartment. Hating and loving. How ironic.

When he had moved out with his cousin, Sendoh, years ago, he enjoyed the freedom and independency. He still enjoyed it, but somehow, it felt different now. It felt...lonely.

When he started high school, he met Kogure, his senior of two years, who was also in the basketball team. He had felt only a slight attraction towards the soft spoken sempai so he had not paid much attention to what had attracted him to the brown-haired boy. Then something happened. Something that inevitably led to this.

He had trouble with his studies, which was a crisis for him, since he had to pass his exams in order to play basketball. He had to get help. Sendoh was out of the question because although he had seldom failed in his tests, he was barely better than Rukawa. So he had to get help from someone else. But before he had the chance to ask, Kogure offered to help him, having heard of the problem from their captain.

And he accepted it, knowing that a chance like this was hard to come by. But then, there was where he made his mistake. Kogure had offered to use his house for the study session, but after the initial session, trying to study in a house crowded with children, Kogure suggested a change in venue and Rukawa agreed. Their session was to continue in his apartment.

The first time since he had moved to his shared apartment, he brought back a guest and on that same day, Sendoh had been home. Normally, the spiky haired Ryonan ace would be out until dark, playing basketball in a basketball court near their apartment. But luck has it, the spiky haired curse was going to have a test the next day and like Rukawa he had to pass to play basketball.

Kogure being the ever helpful senior that he was, offered help to him too. Sendoh happily agreed, too happy for Rukawa's liking, but he said nothing. Sendoh passed his test and so did he.

Despite the rising results he was getting, for some reason Rukawa didn't dissent that they continue the tutoring. Kogure saw nothing wrong with the arrangement so he continued tutoring Rukawa. The reason came unbidden later when he begin to recognize his cousin as a menace.

He remembered several study sessions where Sendoh would appear as if by coincidence. When they came back in the evening for a study session, Sendoh would be there, as if waiting for them.

Sendoh's constant attention for Kogure never ceased to irritate him. Even then, when he thought that what the spiky haired boy felt for the shorter boy was only a passing phrase.

It was one day when he was in his second year and Kogure had started studying in a university near by, that a revelation came to him that he was in love with the brown-eyed boy. And that realization made him even angrier whenever his older cousin was any where near the other boy.

The big blow came one day when Sendoh happily bounded into his room, after talking on the phone and told him he was going to have a date. With Kogure. He couldn't say anything against it since he had not told the bespectacled boy how he felt about him. Kogure was game after all.

Rukawa had hoped, somewhere deep inside that they would not be happy together. But somehow, seeing Kogure happy had been enough to quell the feeling of deep hatred for the both of them. So again, he said nothing at all about his feelings when the two started to date more often.

That was about 5 years ago, now that Kogure was officially Sendoh's boyfriend, living with them in the apartment, he had lost his right to claim anything to do with the older boy. There was times where he would see them kissing and wish bitterly that it had been him in Sendoh place instead.

A knocking on the door snapped him out of his thoughts. He got up and opened the door, wanting to snap at his cousin for disturbing him.

Blinking brown eyes looked up at him and the words that he wanted to bark out died at his throat. He watched as the coffee brown eyes behind round spectacles smiled up at him before a smile actually appeared on the pink lips.

"Rukawa-kun, dinner's ready."

"Aa," he replied, closing his door behind him as he followed the brown-eyed boy. Watching him. Just, as always...watching him. He was so near yet so far.


This story was inspired by a story between two best friends being in love with the same girl. What happened after that was well...you'll have to wait for the next chapter. That is if you like this story and wants me to continue. I have to drop a few stories that I'm actually working on and this might be one of them. ^_~ Tell me if you like it.