Voice of Love

{Local hospital in Tokyo}

The hospital is full of buzz that afternoon, doctor’s being accompanied by their interns going from one patient to the next, nurses’ scurrying around carrying something, and relatives waiting for their loved ones in the waiting area. Oh yeah, it is definitely a typical Monday, especially to 25-year old Kiminobu Kogure.

With a duffel bag slung over his shoulder, he walked silently along the hospital corridors heading towards the nurse’s changing area. Rounding up a corner, he went straight to his locker and changed to his all white nurses’ uniform.

“How was the game Kimi?”

Leaning back to peer behind his locker door, Kogure smiled warmly when he saw his friend. “Oh hi Nanako. It went well, as can be expected.”

“Guess what?” Nanako said rather excitedly and with twinkle in her eyes.

Kogure groaned inwardly, whenever his friend gets excited like that it only means one thing… “So who’s the new apple-of-the-eye of yours?”

Nanako pouted, “Hey it’s nothing like that. This one is special.”

One eyebrow raised, “really? Why?”

Giggling like a schoolgirl, “because he is just gorgeous. Jet black hair, tall, pale complexion, you know kinna like mine and …” She stopped, a dreamy look in her face… “he looks just like a model in a magazine.”

Warm brown eyes regarded the girl thoughtfully, [I just hope it wouldn’t turn out like the last time for her.] Shaking his head from side to side, “well then, I think I should see for myself if he is really what you described him to be.” He just said. Closing his locker door. “So where is he?”

Falling in step alongside the spectacled boy, “Er… Kimi, I think he’s under your block.” She supplied with a slight disappointment in her voice.

Glancing sideways, “don’t worry Nanako, I’ll take good care of him for you.” He said, patting the nurse’s shoulder. Then with a glance at his watch, “Now if you’ll excuse me I’ll go to my station before I get scolded.”

Waving to his friend, he hurriedly went to the nurse’s station in the west wing where he is assigned. Upon reaching his station, he was slightly surprised when he saw some of his fellow nurse’s cluttered along the hallway, peering inside a room.

Noticing someone among the crowd, “hey Afuna, what’s up?”

A girl, slightly shorter than Nanako, looked up and flushed slightly as she saw his long time crush. “Hello Kimi-chan. It’s the new patient. He’s in there with his parents and Dr. Takano.”

Unaware of the girl’s obvious admiration towards him, Kogure just smiled his thanks and would have gone pass the said room when suddenly he heard, “no! I told you I don’t want anyone near me. Now leave!” The voice thundered.

[What? I know that voice.]

Turning back, he went near the room’s threshold and looked inside. Dr. Takano is talking to a guy and a silently sobbing woman [guess they are the parents. But where is the patient?] Daring to step further inside – still unnoticed by the occupants of the room – he saw a guy, sitting slightly on the bed with his back to the door. Jet-black hair, [I know him.]

Not able to hold his tongue anymore, “Rukawa? Is that you?” Unconsciously moving inside the room, closer to the guy who he thought owned that voice. Not hearing a response, he moved past his curious audience and went to stand right in front of the guy.

Kogure had to stifle a gasp when he saw the state of the guy before him. His hair, still as dark as midnight; red lips, still drawn to a thin line – unsmiling; his face, still as expressionless [but handsome] and as pale as ever but what caught his attention are his eyes, still the deepest shade of blue but… they seem vacant. [Oh no…he’s…] “Rukawa what had happened to you?”

The guy’s head shot up, recognizing his voice, and those same blue-eyes stared unseeingly straight to him, “Kogure-senpai.”

“Excuse me but, do you know our son?” Mr. Rukawa said.

Turning to the older guy, “yes sir. We were teammates back in Shohoku High School.”

A smile grazed the lips of the sobbing, who Kogure assumed as, Mrs. Rukawa. Turning to the doctor, “doctor, can he…” she let the question trail. Seeming to have understood what she meant, the doctor turned to the male intern nurse and said, “Kiminobu, I am assigning you to personally take care of the younger Mr. Rukawa during his convalesce in this hospital.”

A vehement, “no! Mother, I already told you, I don’t need a private nurse.”

Mrs. Rukawa went to the side of bed and brushed away the fringe covering her son’s blue-eyes, kissing his forehead lovingly, “Kaede, he is not your private nurse.” Turning to smile a little to the spectacled young man. “He is your friend. He’ll help you prepare for your operation next month.”

Kogure felt a pang of sadness gripping his heart as he saw how helpless and frustrated the younger Rukawa looked. He still remembered how his junior used to be – proud, independent and enjoys his solitude. Tearing his gaze from mother and son, he turned and walked to face Dr. Takano and Mr. Rukawa, “I will do my best in helping your son, but first…” Glancing back, he motioned for them to move further away from the bed, “…will it be ok to ask what had happened to him?”

Nodding, “come we’ll talk in Dr. Takano’s office about this.” Mr. Rukawa suggested. The three went and upon their return, they saw the raven haired Rukawa already fast asleep on the bed.

“I managed to persuade him to rest. He’ll be waking up a little later.” Mrs. Rukawa said. Turning to Kogure, “thank you for accepting to help my son. He needs a friend right now, though he will be stubborn enough to say otherwise.”

Smiling, “it’s ok. I think I can handle it.” He said and then accompanied the Rukawa’s outside the door and bade them goodbye.

Returning inside the room, he went to stand beside the bed and studied the sleeping Rukawa. [He looks so vulnerable.] Without even thinking, he reached out and lightly trail a finger along the raven head’s forehead, touching the scar that is visible just above his eyes.

[An accident did this to him.]

*** Flashback ***

“My son had a terrible accident the day before Christmas. He was about to come home for the holidays when suddenly the car that was taking him to the airport collided with a bus.” Mr. Rukawa said, his eyes glittered with tears in remembrance.

“He suffered a terrible head injury, which caused his blindness.” Dr. Takano continued. “But not to worry. There might still be a chance for him to regain his sight. I know a certain eye surgeon back in America who might be able to help him.”

Calming himself, “my wife and I are on our way there to try and see this surgeon. We hope that he could help Kaede. This is his last chance.” The older Rukawa said, equally frustrated as his son was earlier. “Basketball is his life. I don’t know what will happen to him if he won’t be able to play again.”

Kogure just remained silent but his brown eyes showed his understanding.

*** End Flashback ***

[Won’t be able to play basketball…that just won’t do for him. He loves playing too much.] He said to himself. Smiling, he reached for the blanket and covered the sleeping Rukawa. “Everything will be okay, I’ll be back a little later to check up on you.” He softly said and on impulse, he leaned forward and touched his lips on that scar above his eyes. Just then, the eyes fluttered open and a muffled voice, “senpai?”

Kogure looked down, blushing really hard upon realizing what he had just done. [It’s a good thing that he can’t see me.] But chastised himself at once for the thought. [Darn, Kogure. How can you be so insensitive?] Feigning to sound nonchalant, “How are you feeling Rukawa?”

Rukawa just moved his head to side, shoving the hand that was still touching his face. “I don’t need your pity.”

“This is not pity Rukawa. I am just being your friend.”

Turning to glare angrily at him, “I don’t need a friend. I don’t need you. Go away.”

Moving back, “Really? I wonder how you could move about being blind and all.” Kogure flinched at hearing how insensitive his words were. But he thought that being soft with the guy in front of him wouldn’t do him any good. He waited for the guy’s reaction. Suddenly, Rukawa heaved himself from the bed and stood up. Kogure stepped back to give room. “What are you doing?” He asked.

“Proving that I can do without help from anyone.” Rukawa muttered, already starting to take hesitant steps forward, his arms and hands reaching out like a blind guy would do to familiarize himself to his surroundings.

Getting exasperated, “You want to prove it? Ok, tell me where the bathroom is.” He dared.

The raven head stopped in his roaming and stared balefully at where he hoped his senpai is standing. “Point me to the direction and I’ll find it.”

“Are you asking me for help Rukawa?”

“No. Just direction.” He clipped.

Proving his point, “isn’t that the same as asking for help?” Not helping the amusement that came out along with the question. Immediately he regretted voicing them as he saw how the other’s face darken. “Damn you!” He shouted, then fell to the ground sobbing helplessly.

Feeling guilty, he kneeled beside the younger man and gently took him in his arms. He felt the other struggling but he tightened his hold. “I’m sorry. I didn’t mean it to sound that way.” Softly caressing the silky black hair. Kogure can’t understand his feelings at that moment. He had always known that he felt a certain closeness to the two bickering rookies but not this kind. [That’s because you never felt that they needed you in any way before.] His mind interjected. [But does he need me?] He questioned.

“Rukawa, I don’t pity you. In fact I admire you. Your determination to remain independent in spite of what happened to you is remarkable. Asking for someone’s help or accepting it, is never a sign of weakness.” He said cajolingly. Hearing nothing, he gently pulled back and leveled himself on the floor. “Will you accept my help Kaede?”

Hearing his name, “what did you call me?”

“Kaede,” he repeated.

Kaede’s brows furrowed. Aside from his parents, only one other person called him that. [But he’s not here.] The way his name sounded coming from his senpai is different somehow. Comforting in a way.


“No Kaede is fine.”

Smiling to himself, “What about my offer? Will you accept my help?”

Sighing dejectedly, “yes. I accept your offer senpai.” He said, wiping his tears at the same time.

Kogure’s face beamed but held himself back from sounding too enthusiastic. He can’t explain it but he feels happy somehow. “Great. But first, we must remove that senpai part. Call me Kiminobu.” Seeing his patient nod in agreement, he helped him up to his feet and guided him back to his bed.

“I may be blind but I am not an invalid, senpai.” Rukawa said sullenly.

“I know you are not Kaede but, you are still a patient, and in this hospital, patients are treated with the utmost care. Besides, I made a promise to your parents that I will take very good care of you.” He added, but deep inside he knows it was not the real reason.

Rukawa just snorted, and made a very unRukawa-like expression to his senpai.

[Kawaii] Kogure thought and can’t help laugh. “It will be really fun taking care of you Rukawa Kaede. Now go to sleep and I’ll be bringing your dinner later. What would you prefer?” He asked.

“For you to leave me alone.”

Kogure chuckled, “we’ve already danced that song Rukawa. Now sleep.”

Turning to leave, he was suddenly halted by the sudden teasing voice of his ward saying, “don’t I get a kiss again Kiminobu?”

The spectacled boy almost did a double take and he was sure that his face is now burning like a hot tomato. “Behave properly Kaede and you might actually get one again.” He tried joking.

From his bed, Rukawa’s lips curved upward to imitate a small smile and said, “then I have something to behave for.”

With that, Kogure reached for the door handle and went outside. His head is full of whirling questions and his heart is beating rather rapidly, that small smile still imprinted in his mind. He can’t believe that he had openly flirted with one of his patients… not just a patient but a former teammate nonetheless.

{Later that night}

Kogure slowly entered Rukawa’s room bearing his dinner. Since that afternoon, Kogure made sure that he was calm and collected before entering. Never venturing further beside the bed and just sneak a look to see if he needs something. He didn’t want another episode like that one happening again. Placing the tray down, he went beside the bed and saw that his patient is still sleeping. Without knowing why or how, his hands slowly began to reach towards the raven head’s face, intending to caress, but he immediately withdrew his hand when he saw those eyelids flicker. Composing himself, he gently shook him awake and informs him that his dinner is ready. This time, he did not even lift a hand to help the drowsy guy get up to a sitting position, instead he went to the side of the bed and pushed the movable table nearer to him, and then he guided Rukawa’s hands to where his food and cutlery’s are. [Why am I so nervous? It’s just Rukawa for kami’s sake.] But he knew that it is not just the case. Not bothering to analyze it now, he immediately bade him goodbye and would have left if not for his ward’s low voice saying, “aren’t you joining me for dinner?”

Brown eyes turn to stare quizzically at his dark haired junior, thinking that he might have just imagined the invitation, “what did you say?”

“I asked if you are not joining me for dinner?” The raven head repeated, his blank eyes staring into space.

Still rooted to where he was standing, “do you want me to?”

After a moment’s pause, “yes. I would love for you to join me for dinner.”

Kogure was speechless; he didn’t know how to handle this Rukawa – this afternoon he flirted and now he wants company? [He’s different. The Rukawa I used to know did not even want anybody near him at anytime.] Still undecided, he just stood there unmoving, debating whether to stay or leave.

“Never mind. I can eat alone.” Hearing the dejected tone from Rukawa snapped him back into saying, “I’ll just get my tray. I’ll be back.” He had left rather immediately – before he regretted his decision – that he completely missed the satisfied grin spreading all over the fox boy’s face.

After finishing their dinner in companionable silence, Kogure left for a moment to place their tray outside to be picked up by maintenance, upon his return, he was presented by an already half naked Rukawa who is gliding cautiously unseeingly to him.

The surprisingly flustered brown-eyed boy just gaped at the sight and would have stayed right there staring, if it hadn’t been for Rukawa’s amused chuckle jerking him out of his reverie.

“What’s so funny?” He snapped.

Hands on hips, “you are. I can feel your tenseness all the way to here.”

Blushing, “I am not tense!”

Chuckling at the obvious discomfort of his senior, Rukawa slowly made his way to the source of the irritated voice. “Senpai, I may be blind but my other senses are still working.” Rukawa said, stopping but a feet away from the confused Kogure.

Kogure gulped, “where are you going?” He managed to ask but was dismayed as he heard how flustered his voice sounded. [God this is not happening. What is wrong with me? I have seen him shirtless before.] He thought. [Yeah, but you only saw his 15-year old body and not this lean, smooth, hairless and firm upper body.] His mind countered.

“Er…can you point me to where the bathroom is right now?”

Finally able to collect his thoughts, he led him to the bathroom and handed him his pajamas. Minutes later, Rukawa emerged from the bathroom, ready for bed. He declined Kogure’s offer to help and proved his earlier claim that he could find his way around his room if pointed to the right direction. Once on the bed, Rukawa called his senior’s attention again to ask what they would do to pass the time.

“Would you want to sit on your balcony? We could listen to the radio.” Kogure suggested.

Eyebrows raised, “I have a balcony?” Could you take me there?” Arms already outstretched for his senior to reach.

Outside, Kogure helped his junior on one of the chair, went back inside to turn on the radio and return to sit beside the raven head. After a while, “this is peaceful ne?” He remarked. Laying his head back, he removed his glasses and just stared at the stars above. Looking at the night’s sky always calm his nerves somehow, he glanced at his companion and was glad to see him already sleeping. [Rukawa, will always be Rukawa.] Not wanting to wake him up, he stood up and went to fetch a blanket to cover him. Sighing softly, he placed another light kiss on the latter’s forehead and went out of the room.

{Tuesday Morning}

A blur of dark brown hair in white uniform can be seen scurrying past patients and doctors alike. He’s in a real hurry; he had left a blind guy outside of the 5th floor hospital balcony. [Please let him be alright,] he silently prayed. Upon reaching the room, he was slightly surprised to see that his patient is already sleeping peacefully on his own bed. Breathing a sigh of relief, he then went to check his charts and stats before going outside.

Leaning back on the closed door to regulate his breathing, he totally missed two pair of laughing eyes currently focused on him, “you in a hurry Kimi?”

Turning towards the voice, “what? Oh good morning Nanako, Afuna.”

“Good morning Kimi-chan,” Afuna greeted.

“You’ve been a bad boy Kimi,” Nanako said waving a finger at her friend. “I presumed from the way you sped through the halls like a lunatic that, you were the one who left the guy of my dreams outside his balcony all night?”

Perturbed with the question, the spectacled guy just scratched his head and grinned rather sheepishly. “Hai. Was it you who helped him to his bed?”

“Yes. I came to fetch Afuna for breakfast, when we heard something from inside,” she supplied.

Kogure caught the gist in her story and continued, “so, being the good Samaritan that you are, you went inside and check if everything is alright?”

Now it’s Nanako’s turn to be flustered, “er…that’s right. We helped him all the way to his bed. But that guy is definitely not a morning person. He outright refused any help from us and kept asking for you. But since we told him that your shift is in the afternoon, he just asked us for the bed’s direction and made it there without any help from us.”

Kogure could have just imagined what had happened. He was almost tempted to tell his friend that Rukawa was not only ‘not a morning person’ but also not a people person, most especially females.

“Hey Kimi-chan, what are you doing here? You’re shift is this afternoon.” Afuna asked rather curiously.

“He he he he…Well, you see…I kinna promised his parents that I’ll personally take care of him so…”

“His parents?” Both girls quipped at the same time.

Scratching the back of his head again, “I forgot to tell you. He’s my teammate back in High School.”

“You knew him back then?” Nanako gasped.

“Er… yes.” He said and would have explained further if not for the head nurse’s voice saying that Rm. 5-11 is buzzing. Kogure excused himself and went inside Rukawa’s room.

Inside, he found that the raven head guy is grumpily trying to get off his bed and off his pajamas at the same time but failing miserably. The reason being, Nanako and Afuna had deliberately raised the steel bars on either side of the bed to prevent the blind guy from falling off during his sleep. [Their intentions are good but this is not going to be a good morning for me. He looks angry enough to shout at anyone.] Trying to infuse some form of cheeriness in his greeting, “Good morning Kaede, need help with those?”

The raven head shot up and stared blankly at him. “Kiminobu is that you?”

“Yes, it’s me,” he said coming closer beside the bed and already releasing the steel bars.

Stopping his movements, “those nurses told me that you would not be here this morning.” Rukawa’s tone has a slight hint of disappointment and reproach in them.

“Well I’m here now aren’t I? Besides, I know you wouldn’t want a bunch of girls flocking around you all morning. Right?”

“That’s right”.

Having said their greetings, Kogure helped his patient off the bed and into the bathroom and within minutes, Rukawa is ready for the day’s activities. After breakfast, “what shall we do for today?” Rukawa asked.

“Hmnn… we could take a stroll along the hospital grounds.”


Soon after, the two made their way along the corridors amidst curious glances from the female and male population alike and manage to get outside. Kogure led his ward to an empty bench just below his balcony window. He had with him the latest basketball magazines and went about reading the whole thing to him. From time to time, Rukawa would ask him to repeat a certain article and they would talk about that in particular, till both are blue in the face from either arguing or just laughing about it.

That had become the daily routine for the two of them. Kogure, would come every morning – no day off or change in shift, since Dr. Takano had already arranged that for his convenience – and they would spend the entire morning right there on that empty bench, reading, talking or just enjoying each other’s company in companionable silence. The afternoons were spent inside Dr. Takano’s clinic with Rukawa being prepped for the coming operation and Kogure as the doctor’s assistant. At night’s, it’s either outside the balcony or just watching TV. Kogure would watch and narrate what he sees to his companion. Kogure also made sure to buy the latest CD of Rukawa’s favorite band for him to listen to when he’s not around – which is rarely.


Days turned to weeks and weeks had turned into a month. It was the night before Kaede had to leave for America for his operation. They were outside the balcony and had just finished discussing one of the story’s highlights on that night’s ESPN. When suddenly, Kaede turned quiet and lay with his eyes closed, his face peaceful. “Mino-kun, can you tell me more about our surroundings?”

Though shocked with the request, Kogure complied. It was an easy enough request, since he had grown to love the scenery before him. Soon after, he found himself totally engrossed in describing what his eye sees. From the moon, the stars, the night air…everything about that particular night surrounding them, and the former stoic boy listened intently to his every word. Loving the way his voice sounded and loving the way it made him feel inside. Kogure was totally unaware of it, he just feels calm and at ease, chatting amicably with the blue-eyed boy.

Kogure had never remembered being this comfortable with anyone since high school.
Sharing their stories about what had happened to them after Shohoku, talking about his accident and was even surprised to hear him crack a joke once or twice – at his expense of course, or just like this… being his eyes.

Shifting in his seat so he could stare at his companion, “you’ve changed,” he commented.

“In what way?”

“You talk too much and you even laughed and smiled once or twice.”

Placing both his hands under his head, Rukawa stared unseeingly at the skies above. Wondering the exact thing himself. [Why?] It had been ages since he remembered being like that with anyone, and he thought that he wouldn’t feel like that again. After the accident, he thought that his life would definitely turn for the worst. Not being able to play basketball was one of the worst blows he had received in his life, but when Dr. Takano said that he might have a chance to regain his sight, he dared to hope. Especially now, when his mind is full of what his senior looked like before – soft brown hair, eyebrows that looked like they were drawn to accentuate a pair of beautiful brown eyes [pity it’s always hidden behind those glasses], straight pointed nose and inviting red lips. [An angelic face…] “People change senpai and you still don’t know much about what happened to me after Shohoku.”

[He’s right on that matter.]

“Do you still wear glasses?” He suddenly asked.

Slightly surprised, “yes. I still do. Why?”

He smiled at that and just said, “I’ll answer that question next time.”


After a moment, “you make me feel good inside,” Rukawa said.


“That’s my other answer to your question. You’re different,” his expression thoughtful, “that’s why I did not reject your offer of help.”

“But you did reject it, remember?” He reminded him.

“Of course I would. You expect me to just fall into your capable hands?”

The spectacled boy can’t help laugh at that remark, “I think not.”

“You have a nice laugh, Kiminobu. You should laugh more often.” Rukawa said rather tenderly. His face now turned towards the brown-eyed boy’s direction, his expression softening at each word.

Under the moonlight’s glow, Kogure’s face turned from slightly pale to downright red. He has no retort ready to counter that remark. It totally blew his logic and common sense away. The Rukawa before him was nowhere near the one he had known in high school. The Rukawa he got to know these past couple of days is, charming, witty and downright sweet…and [drop dead gorgeous] His mind reminded him of Nanako’s words. [Yes, definitely gorgeous.]

Turning also to his side – so that they are facing each other – he stared at him and tenderly reached his hand to caress the latter’s smooth face. [He’ll be gone tomorrow.] He sighed and took his hand away.

“Why did you do that?”

Startled, “did what?”

“Pulled your hand away. I like it when you touch me.”

Blushing, “stop flirting Kaede.” The other just laughed.

Looking at his watch, “time for you to rest. You have a flight tomorrow.” Standing up, he held out a hand reaching for the other’s to help him get up.

Rukawa did not move, “I don’t want to go back in. Can’t I sleep here tonight?”

Kogure sighed, “you’ll catch a cold. It’s chilly this time of the night.”


Surrendering to the latter’s request, “fine then, I’ll just get your blanket.”

Turning to leave, he was surprised when his hand was suddenly tugged and he went falling on top of the raven head. Out of breath he could only mutter, “Kaede, what are you doing?” He asked and trying in vain to escape the grasp the other had on his waist.

“Stop it,” the guy reprimanded, stopping his struggles. Calming down a little, he heard Rukawa’s solemn voice saying, “I don’t need a blanket Mino-kun, I just need you.” Kogure felt that his heart stopped beating at that moment…he knows that he had trouble breathing, especially when all he could smell is the sweet scent of the guy holding him.

“Will you wait for me Mino-kun?”

Glancing up, “huh?”

Still staring upwards, “I want you to wait for me. I don’t know what will happen with the operation but, I promise that whatever the outcome is, I’ll come back,” pausing to turn his face downward and with his free hand, caressed the face which he felt was turned upwards to him, “to you.” He finished.

[Don’t make promises Kaede. I have had broken promises from the past and I don’t want my heart broken again.] He thought. [Yes, but you’ll wait for him, nevertheless, right?] There goes his alter conscience again. As an answer, Kogure lifted himself slightly so he’d be leveled with the man beneath him. Taking off his glasses, he did what his mind and heart kept asking him to do ever since that first morning, he lowered his head and met the lips of the one he had grown to love.


“You still thinking about him Kimi?” Nanako asked, concerned with the way her friend is acting lately. He has black ridges showing under his eyes, an indication that he had not been sleeping well lately.

Rubbing his eyes, “no. I’m just tired that’s all.” He lied.

“Don’t lie to us Kimi, we had noticed how the two of you were while he was here”.


“You love him, don’t you Kimi-chan?”

Seeing that he can’t hide from the two, “yes. I do. But he’s gone now.”

“Did you know how the operation went?” Afuna asked again.

“No. Dr. Takano is strictly prohibited by Kaede to say anything about his operation.” He confided.


“I don’t know.”

Nanako felt sorry for her friend, “don’t worry Kimi. He’ll be back. You two belong together, hey you even make a very lovely pair… you being the female of course. That guy is just sooo manly to be ever considered female. Oh, maybe he found a real girlfriend overseas, what do you guys think?” She babbled.

“Don’t joke like that Nana-chan, he is already hurting as it is.”


“It’s ok…” Getting up and turning to leave the two.

“Where are you going?” Nanako called. Guilty for causing the pain evident in her friend’s face.

“Leave him be, he needs to sort it out for himself.”

“You over him already Afuna?”

“Are you over your crush?”

Both looked at each other and smiled knowingly. “Come on, let’s check the other wing. I heard they have a new patient there and he’s cute.”

Afuna just rolled her eyes, “you never change.” But followed her friend nonetheless. After taking a few steps, she stopped… there on her left is….


“I wonder what happened to him,” he voiced out loud. His face turned upwards. It has been two months since he had left. Two months after they shared that kiss. Two months he had prayed that somehow, he’d keep his promise. < Will you wait for me Mino-kun? > “Where are you Kaede?” He cried, not caring for the tears that were slowly falling down his face. So engrossed was he in his misery that he failed to notice the silhouette observing him silently. Suddenly, a bunch of roses were thrust in front of him and an amused voice asking, “why do you cry Mino-kun?”

Turning around, “Kaede?” Ignoring the flowers.

The guy just smiled and removed his sunglasses, showing him the deepest, clearest and warmest shade of blue eyes… those eyes that are now smiling for him. “Yes. It’s me. I came back… as promised.” With each word uttered, Kaede placed the roses in his hands and was slowly wiping his tears away from his face. “Sorry if it took me this long. I just had to finish something before coming to you.”

Still unbelieving, brown eyes can only stare dumbly at his blue-ones, the question still unanswered…”Yes I can see. I can see you… see everything you see.” Kaede said, holding his face upwards and deftly removing his glasses. “We have to get you contact lenses.” He said, wiping what little remains of his tears earlier.

“I never had the time to get one.”

“I’ll ask Dr. Takano to make you one.” He said, still caressing his eyes. “I am glad that they are still as beautiful and as warm as I remembered them to be. I love looking at your eyes Mino-kun. I hope you won’t deny me the pleasure of looking at them, without the constraints of your glasses.”

Still in shock, Kogure can only nod his head in agreement with the request.

Chuckling at his ‘new boyfriend’s’ obvious disorientation, “now who is speechless? You were always saying that I was the silent one. I hope that you won’t be like this everytime we are together Mino-kun.” He teased, while inching his face forward to give his brown haired love a heartfelt kiss. When they parted, those blue-eyes held his in the most loving manner, which made his knees go weak.

“I love you Kiminobu Kogure. I can’t promise that everything will always be good for us. But if you’ll have me, I promise to make you happy.” He said, his eyes serious. Waiting for his response.

Kogure had never felt this happy ever… [he had kept his promise and he loves me.] His mind keeps repeating and [what do you expect? It was obvious with the way he was with you before. Go for it Kiminobu, he’s not like the other one. Take a chance…love again.] His mind urge. Finally, he gave his new love the sweetest smile he could ever give and said, “I love you too Ede-kun.”


Playfully placing a chaste kiss on his lips, “yes. Ede-kun… my Ede-kun. Any objections? You call me Mino-kun.” He chastised, tickling his sides at the same time.

Laughing…”Ok… guess we have a pet name for each other…” Nuzzling the hair leveled with his nose.

Later… that night… two bodies still entwined closely to one another is found still sitting on the bench beneath the moon’s warm glow. Blue-eyes stared upwards towards the sky, amazed at how beautiful the night sky is, [but it’s different.] Caressing the face snuggled on his chest, “Mino-kun, can you tell me more about our surroundings?” He requested, closing his eyes.

Slightly perplexed with the request, he glanced up and smiled, “you could try opening your eyes you know. It helps to use them from time to time…” He teased.

Looking down, he gently nipped his beloved’s nose with his free hand and said, “I don’t want to look at them using my own eyes.”

Brows furrowed, “huh?”

[Kawaii] Enjoying the confused look of his beloved, he leaned his head to the side and whispered, “I want to see the world through your eyes, Mino-kun… “

Trying to ignore the warm breath that tickled his ear, Kogure just leaned back and stared at his boyfriend and then smiled his understanding…nodding his head, he reached for his glasses and laid his head back and described the scenery in front of him.

Hands clasped together, the lover’s enjoyed the serenity surrounding them. One voice speaks…the other listens…two hearts united… a nice beginning to a lasting relationship.