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Random Stuff

+  From the Twisted, Hentai Mind Of Laree  +

My Weblog.  Expect insanity and random, pointless ramblings ^__^

+  Quotes  +

Just some quotes that I've collected.  Most of them are from my friend's SMSes.

Fushigi Yuugi

+  My Fushigi Yuugi Fanfiction Archive  +

Just as it says, an archive for the Fushigi Yuugi Fanfiction that I've written.  I haven't really updated that in a while but I still like to keep it up.

+  My Fushigi Yuugi Backgrounds  +

Fushigi Yuugi Website Backgrounds that I've made for the use of other FY webmasters out there. 
*Mostly Non-Yaoi but with some Yaoi*


+  Obsession  +

My Currrently on-going Gravitation Ficcy.  Bear with the layout, or the lack of it anyways, for now ^__^ 
*Yaoi* (Of course...Heeheehee.)

Slam Dunk

+  The Court  +

My Personal Archiver where you will find all of my Slam Dunk Fanfiction. 

+  Kouhai and Sempai  +

The Rukawa with Kogure Shrine.  My Favorite Pairing!

+  The Shohoku Basketball Club Scrapbook  +

An Archive for all The Slam Dunk OVAs screenshots that I took.

+  The Realm of the Ellies  +

Info-site of the Slam Dunk Beta Reading Forum that Myself, Nagyra, Ju-chan, Yev and Yolande are involved in.

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