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Laree's Slam Dunk Fanfiction
Dangerous Associations
Part Two


The apartment was dark when Mitsui walked in, which surprised him.  He usually found Akira lounging around in the living room couch striking a come hither pose whenever he got back home.  This wasn’t the case today, though, and this worried him.  In the line of business that he was in, you had to be wary of sudden changes in your environment, no matter how subtle or seemingly insignificant, and the fact that he couldn’t find his boyfriend where he was *supposed* to be, had started his heart racing.  

Forcing himself to remain calm, Mitsui walked into the master suite, praying that he would find the spiky haired boy in there, safe and sound.  But there was no one in the room.  There was no one in the adjoining bathroom either when he checked it.  That was when he began to panic.  That was when his imagination began to run completely amok.  Visions of his Akira lying in a ditch somewhere staring lifelessly up into the sky with those beautiful, beautiful blue eyes of his were going through his head as he took his gun from it’s holster and ran out of the bedroom, intent on getting back to his brother and arranging a search party for the younger boy.

“ Oi!  Hisashi, how many times have I told you not to run around the house waving your gun?” A voice demanded as he barged into the now brightly lit living room.  Mitsui turned his head sharply towards the sound of the voice, only to see an obviously amused Sendoh sitting on the couch that had previously been empty.  There was a box of pizza lying open on the coffee table before him and he was absently gnawing on a slice as he watched the mindless cartoon blaring on the television.  “ Sit.  Eat.  You must be hungry.”

After the panic attack that he had just had concerning Sendoh, Mitsui wasn’t *that* hungry.  Hunger tended to seem of little concern after you had just envisioned the person you cared for more than anything else in the world a bloody, broken mess lying in a shallow grave somewhere.  He threw himself onto the couch next to Sendoh and wrapped his arms around him in a bone crushing hug, not even minding when he felt the pizza slice that the spiky haired boy had been consuming on his back.  “ You Idiot!” He muttered into Sendoh’s neck, finally reassured of his boyfriend’s safety.  “ You had me worried.  You idiot…” he repeatedly told Sendoh what an idiot he was over and over again until the younger boy wrapped his arms around him, returning the hug.

“ You know what, Hisashi.  I’m going to let the fact that you’re calling me an idiot slip by me just this once since you’re so obviously upset.” Sendoh informed him, pulling back slightly so that he could see Mitsui’s face as he spoke to him.  “ What’s the matter? Did something go wrong with that job that your brother sent you on?”

Mitsui shrugged, slightly embarrassed about being so emotional and panicking like that.  “ I couldn’t find you, so I got a little worried.  I thought something had happened to you…” He admitted as he set the gun down onto the coffee table beside the pizza.  He still hadn’t let go of Sendoh, still feeling slightly shaky.  “ Where the hell were you?”

“ Put the gun away, will you?  Having those things around always make me nervous…”

“ Where the hell were you, Akira?” Mitsui repeated his question, an edge of anger obvious in his tone.  He didn’t like being made to worry like that.  “ I thought you said you were going to be staying at home the whole day.  I expected you to be here when I got back.  How do you think it made me feel when I saw you gone, huh?  Especially with the sort of things going on between my family and the Rukawa’s right now!”

“ The sort of things going on between your family and the Rukawa’s?” Sendoh repeated, frowning.  “ It’s *you* that should be doing the explaining, Hisashi!  What sort of things are going on between your family and the Rukawas?  If not finding me home once you get back manages to get you all worked up, then things must be pretty bad, huh?  And yet, you never tell me anything about what you, or your brother have been up to!  I have a right to know!  I’m also in the middle of your dealings, you know that!”

“ I know that!  And that, dammit, is the reason that I specifically told you to stay home!”

Sendoh pushed his lover away and scooted as far away from him as he could get while still sitting on the same couch, a petulant scowl on his face.  “ I have been staying all day in this apartment for the past three weeks because you’ve basically *commanded* me to!  I was bored, and I was thinking, and I realized that you’re not the boss of me anymore so I decided to go out!”

“ Did you take any customers?” 

“ What?” Sendoh demanded, outraged.  With an indignant cry, he threw a cushion at Mitsui.  “ You bastard!  You know I wouldn’t do that!  Not after the promise that I made to you!”

Smirking, the scar-faced man drew closer to Sendoh, grabbing him by the wrists so that he wouldn’t be able to punch him in the face.  “  I believe you, all right?  I know you wouldn’t do that.  I just wanted to make you angry, so I said that.  I didn’t think, for a second, that you did.”

“ Well, you *have* managed to make me angry.” Sendoh informed him, trying desperately to get his hands loose, “ And just for that comment Mr. I Am One Smug Bastard, I’m not going to let you fuck me silly tonight, like I’d originally planned to.”

“ Oh, stop being stupid.  You know that you eventually will anyways later on tonight.”

“ What the hell do you think I am?  Some sort of He-slut?”

“ You were, but not anymore.  Because you’re mine now and I’m never going to let anyone else touch you anymore…” Mitsui murmured, taking Sendoh into his arms even though the spiky haired boy was still struggling slightly.   “ I love you.  And I don’t want to lose you just because of the sort of business my brother and I run.  That’s why you have to understand why I’m asking you to stay home, and why I panicked when I came back and found the apartment empty.”

That stilled Sendoh’s struggles somewhat.  He was still wondering what was going on with the Rukawa’s that had Hisashi and his older brother so worried, but he decided that he could ask him about that later on.  With an exasperated sigh, he settled himself against his boyfriend, one hand absently toying with the collar of Mitsui’s shirt.  “ You get me so angry.  That was a mean thing you said about me taking customers.  Why don’t people believe me when I say that I’m not into that line of business anymore?  That I stopped once you asked me to.  It’s not as though I *liked* what I was doing.  How could *anyone* enjoy being bought by strange men everyday of their lives ever since they were fourteen?”

“ Who doesn’t believe you?” Mitsui asked him gently, pressing his palm flat against Sendoh’s to compare their size.  Akira’s fingers were slightly longer.  Come to think of it, though Mitsui was older by a year, the spiky haired boy was much taller than him.  But despite of Sendoh’s rather intimidating 190cm stature, he still somehow managed to appear vulnerable and in need of attention, which Mitsui was more than happy to shower him with.

“ You, for one.”

“ Oh, come on, Aki-chan!” Mitsui protested, kissing the back of Sendoh’s hand in apology.  “ You know that I didn’t mean what I said!  I was only getting you worked up, like the smug bastard that I am!  Besides, I was tired, and all stressed after the scare that you gave me!  I was just blurting out the first thing that came into my mind!”

“ You believe me?  You have to, because you know how much I hated what I was doing even before the two of us started to go out.”  Sendoh’s blue eyes bore into Mitsui’s own, pleading with him to reassure him that Mitsui was aware of his devotion to him.  “It would be even worse now if I had to be with other guys, and not the one that I know I love…”

“ I believe you.” Mitsui affirmed, sorry now that he had even started this whole thing about Sendoh and his past, a past that he knew the younger man tried hard to forget.

“ Then that means all the world to me.  Maki Shinichi can think whatever he wants to think.  He can still see me as nothing but a no good whore, but that doesn’t matter, because at least *you* know that I don’t do that sort of thing anymore…”

“Maki Shinichi?” Mitsui had been surprised by that familiar name suddenly popping up in their conversation.  His lips pulled down into a frown as he looked at the now smiling Sendoh.  “ Why are you bringing that guy up now?”

“ Because he was the guy that wouldn’t believe me…”

“ Has he been bothering you?  Has he?  Just give me the word and I’ll get rid of him, goddamn him.  That man always just *has* to stick his nose into my business.  *Always*.”

“ That’s because *your* business is also *his* business.  I just ran into him by accident.  He wasn’t spying around here or anything.”  He hadn’t meant to mention his run in with the handsome police officer.  That would only worry the already overanxious Mitsui even more.  But it was too late to take back what he had said.  “ Don’t worry about Maki anymore, Hisa-kun.  And as for getting rid of him, you know that would only be a bad idea.  It would only bring attention to you and you don’t want that, do you?”

“ I guess not, but if he ever does anything to bother you again…” Mitsui allowed his words to trail off ominously.  “ And by the way, how the hell did you manage to run into that guy?”

“ I was walking around…Pizza?”  Sendoh answered flippantly, holding out a slice of pizza towards Mitsui, which the older man pushed away, perfectly aware of the fact that Sendoh was trying to get him off track.

“ Walking around where?”   Sendoh mumbled something under his breath that the scar-faced man wasn’t even able to make out.  “ I’m serious here, Akira.  I want to know where you were and what you were doing.”

“ Old business district, all right?  I was talking to a guy there, Kensako Ruiji, and I recruited him for you because I thought you would be happy if I tried to help you out like I used to in the old days.  And while I was talking to Ruiji, Maki happened to see the two of us and asked what we were doing.  I told him that we weren’t up to anything.  He obviously didn’t believe us, but then he left us alone…” This all came out in a rush, as though Sendoh believed that Mitsui would be less likely to get angry if he spoke really, really fast.

“ First I find out that you went wandering outside the apartment despite of the fact that I specifically asked you to stay inside the whole day.  Now you’re telling me that you not only knowingly disobeyed me, you were also stupid enough to appear in your old business district, recruit some guy from the streets *and* on top of all of that, let Maki Shinichi see you in action!” This really was turning out to be quite a day.  Mitsui felt as though he had run through the whole gamut of emotions from panic just a few minutes before, down to this intense, throbbing anger that he was feeling towards Sendoh right then.  Didn’t the guy understand how serious things were?  How could he go parading himself around Kanagawa after he had warned him about the potential danger?

“ I only wanted to help you!  You should see this kid that I found, Mitsui!  He’s so cute!  I’m sure he’s going to be really popular and-”

“ I don’t *need* your help with these sort of things anymore, Akira.  I need you to stay at home and keep yourself out of trouble.  That was the very reason that I asked you to quit in the first place.  So that you wouldn’t have to be involved in my dirty business anymore.”

“ Well, I’m choosing to stick my nose into your dirty business now because of *you* choosing to stay *in* your dirty business!”

“ What are you talking about?”

“ Remember when I got taken in by Maki a few years ago and you visited me and you were crying and you were promising me that you were going to get yourself out of this somehow so that the two of us could get away from this sort of life?” Sendoh demanded.  He thought of that occasion everyday, hoping that the two of them would indeed somehow manage to get themselves out of the mess that they were constantly getting themselves into.  “ It’s been around two years since that promise, Hisashi-kun.  Nothing has changed.  If anything, you’re even deeper into this whole business than you ever were.  Back then, you promised me that that cocaine deal with the Tokyo Yakuza would be the last job you were going to run for your brother.  After that, it was the Hong Kong brothel then after that one, that whole real estate scam.  You keep on promising to try and change, that you’ll get yourself into some legal stuff soon, and yet, you never get around to it!  I’ve been waiting all of this time for you to realize that you’re in a no win situation here.  Eventually, the cops will catch on to all the stuff that you’re up to and you’ll go to jail.  For much longer than I had to.  It’s either that, or you get killed.  Now, since you seem so intent on self-destruction, I’ll be right by your side when you go down, Hisashi-kun.  And I assure you that eventually, you will.”

There were a few seconds of silence as Mitsui watched Sendoh pointedly ignore him.  He knew that his boyfriend worried about him constantly whenever he was out of sight and that Sendoh hated the sort of things that he did, but it wasn’t as though he could just up and leave his brother hanging without a partner!  Especially not right then when some serious shit was going down with the Rukawas…But Akira was so important to him, he realized that now after the panic that he had felt when he hadn’t been able to find his boyfriend inside their apartment.  He didn’t like the fact that Sendoh was constantly in danger just of his association to him.  He would hate himself if anything ever happened to the younger man.  He really would.  “ I promise you, Akira.  After this thing with the Rukawas die down, I am going to get us out of this.  I promise you that.”

“ I’ve heard *that* before.” Sendoh scoffed, his scorn obvious in his tone of voice.

“ But I’m serious this time, Akira.  I really am.  I’m sick of all of this.  I don’t like having panic attacks every time you go out of the apartment.  I don’t like worrying about you all of the time and I don’t like the fact that you’re put into danger just because of your relationship with me…”

“ What’s gotten you this bothered, huh, Hisashi?  What’s gotten you so worried about me?” Sendoh asked him.  It bothered him that Mitsui never wanted to talk about what was going on with himself.  He thought it only fair that he be warned if he were in any potential danger.

“ We’ve just been having a little problem with the Rukawas lately, all right?”

“ What kind of problems?” Sendoh demanded doggedly.

“ The usual, you know.  Fighting over who gets to control which place…they also think my brother tried to kill off Rukawa Kaede, the boss’s youngest kid…”

Sendoh closed his eyes and leaned against Mitsui.  Now he understood just how serious their situations were.  The head of the Rukawa organization was not known for just turning the other cheek.  If he thought that the Mitsui family had tried to kill his son, then he was most probably going to hit back.  “ Did you?”

It took a while for Mitsui to answer.  “ I didn’t have anything to do with it.”

“Promise me that you’re going to tell your brother that you want out of this as soon as you possibly can.  Just promise me.” Sendoh demanded, his hands digging into Mitsui’s white button down shirt as he brought his face closer towards his boyfriend’s.  “ You’re just going to get hurt if you keep on doing these sort of things and then what will happen to me?  You know that I need you around to take care of me.  Your brother wouldn’t think twice about getting rid of me if you’re not around…”

Mitsui’s gaze never wavered.  “ I promise.  I’ll talk to Aniki as soon as I possibly can and I’ll tell him that I’m finished with this sort of business.” 

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