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Laree's Slam Dunk Fanfiction
Some Notes On the Fic That You are About To Read

What this is is an Alternate Universe fic which deals with a What Iffy situation.  Rukawa was a big basketball star in his Junior High years and was undoubtedly a hot recruit when the time came for him to enter High School and yet, he chose to go to Shohoku just because the school campus was the nearest to his house and he could get some extra minutes of sleep that way.  Well, what would have happened to him, and to the Shohoku players, if he hadn't decided on Shohoku and had instead, gone to Ryonan?  What if Mitsui had never gotten injured and went on to become one of the brightest young basketball stars in Japan?

To get this fic to work, I had to change a few vital things which I will explain now.  The first, and the most important, is of course, the fact that instead of Rukawa being a player for Shohoku, he will now be a part of the Ryonan team.

The second is that in this fic at least, I have decided to give Mitsui a break and he did not sustain the injuries that he did in his first year.  I thought it only fair since I have just taken away Shohoku's star rookie to balance the talent out a bit.  Since Mitsui was not injured, he is now a player of National Level ( Think along the lines of Shohoku's Sendo Akira...^_^ I love Mitsui...) and is one of the brightest young stars in Japanese High School basketball.  He is now the captain of the Shohoku basketball team with Akagi as his assistant captain.  In the past two years, the Shohoku team has managed to build a reputation for itself by being included in the top four teams in the Kanagawa district for two consecutive years.

Also, this will play an important role on this fic, Sendo went to the same Junior High School as Mitsui and is good friends with him, often meeting up with him to play one on one.

This is just a list on how some stuff will affect the various players.

Rukawa- Will now be a player for Ryonan.
Mitsui- Is now Shohoku's captain and it's main star.
Sendo- Will be an old Junior High buddy of Mitsui's.
Akagi-  Will now be the vice-captain.  Though it is sort of hard to imagine him as Mitsui's subordinate.
Sakuragi- Is already quite a well known player in his Junior High year.

I think that that is just about it.  If I think of anything else, then I will just add to this later on.  I hope you enjoy the fic ^_^


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